Ride Concepts Kyle Strait
Kyle Strait

Nationality: USA

Basecamp: Alpine, CA

Born: April 4, 1987

Shoe of choice: Vice

The Red Bull Rampage wouldn’t be complete without Kyle Strait. That’s because he’s the only rider to have competed in every single Rampage event since its inception in 2001. In the 16 years of Rampage, Kyle has been witness to, and himself a creator of, freeride’s most iconic moments. In 2004, Kyle was the youngest rider to win Rampage at just 17 years of age with a run that included the massive suicide no-hander seen around the world. He still holds this record today. After winning again in 2013, Kyle was the first two-time winner of the Red Bull Rampage. In his many years of competing at Rampage, Kyle remains a fan-favorite and one of the most composed riders on-course.

With all of his Red Bull Rampage experience, it was only fitting that we catch a few words with Kyle as he set off for a dig day ahead of this year’s main event:

RC: How has Rampage influenced freeride in the past two + decades?

KS: Rampage is freeeride. What we do here influences what goes on in the freeride world.

RC: The event returns to its 2008-2013 venue after a long hiatus. Do riders and their runs of the previous decade influence your plans for this year’s event?

KS: When you’ve been away from a venue for so many years, what you have built up in your head as “ the biggest drop I’ve ever done” is now not as big as you thought it was. I’m taking a completely fresh approach. It’s been long enough that we’ve gotten better as builders and riders.

RC: What kind of mental preparation does Rampage require?

KS: For me, in order to prepare, I block off a whole month and ride only my Rampage bike. If I feel good on this bike, then I’ll feel good at Rampage.

Listen to the full interview with Kyle Strait by Paul Bas

Unfortunately, Kyle had a massive crash in practice and was airlifted out of the competition late Thursday afternoon. We wish Kyle and his family our best for a swift and strong recovery.

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Ride Concepts Andreu Lacondeguy
Andreu Lacondeguy

Nationality: Spain

Basecamp: Barcelona

Born: January 12, 1989

Shoe of choice: Vice Mid

Andreu is a Red Bull Rampage fixture, known for his small stature yet massive speed, amplitude and burliness. Andreu secured a Red Bull Rampage win in 2014 with a run that remains one of the rowdiest in the event’s history. Since then, Andreu has put down a 2nd place run in 2015 and again in 2018. In total, Andreu has ridden to 8 Rampage Finals. While his trademark go-big style has been there, practice crashes have kept Andreau out of Finals in recent years. We’re confident we’ll see Andreu back on the podium again when his run comes together.

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Ride Concepts Carson Storch
Carson Storch

Nationality: USA

Basecamp: Bend, OR

Born: May 3, 1993

Shoe of choice: Vice Mid

This year’s Rampage will be the eighth time Carson Storch has demonstrated his smooth style and massive spins on the burly lines in Virgin, UT. Carson’s mind blowing POV videos have given us a first-hand look that the Rampage mental game is equally, or more, important than the physical demands of each run. Carson’s mental fitness paid off in 2016 with a 3rd place run and Best Trick for a gigantuan 360˚ drop. With a style fans and judges love, will Carson finally secure a Red Bull Rampage win in 2022?

Ride Concepts Carson Storch
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