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Our mission is to create the most comfortable and most reliable mountain bike footwear on the planet. For the rider, this means a precision fit, unparalleled pedal contact and unmatched protection—leaving you to focus on the shred ahead rather than the gear below.

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Our Tech

1. Traction, Optimized

Our exclusive hexagon pattern outsoles feature deep lugs, allowing for penetration of pedal pins in order to obtain optimal grip in any condition. The outsoles of our clip shoes feature either a 40mm or 42mm wide cleat box for compatibility with all mountain clip pedals, and a long line of fore and aft adjustability with index markings for precision cleat placement.

Rubber Kinetics

We collaborated with Rubber Kinetics to develop dynamic surface technology (DST), a series of proprietary rubber compounds specific to our needs. WIth decades of expertise within the bicycle and powersports segments, Rubber Kinetics specializes in rubber compounding for real-world applications.

Ride Concepts Max Grip
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Our softest and most grippy compound, MAX GRIP is dialed specifically for the utmost pedal contact and feel while also delivering a high level of durability. MAX GRIP is downright tacky and responsive - the ideal outsole for riders that demand pedal sensitivity.
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Ride Concepts High Grip
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Utilized exclusively on our RC Fuzion outsole and VICE, HIGH GRIP is the optimal blend of traction and adjustability. For dirt jump and slopestyle athletes, this compound is ideal when neither grip nor throwing contest-winning tricks can be compromised.
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Ride Concepts Clip Grip
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Featured on each of our clip offerings, CLIP GRIP is tuned to ensure that no barriers exist when clipping in and out of the pedal. CLIP GRIP is supportive and transfers power when charging lines, climbs and descents, all while still providing ample traction when hiking to deep trails.
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2. Fit & Performance

Understanding that every rider deserves the same quality and attention when it comes to fit and performance, we have developed our entire range from the ground up with specific construction for men, women and youth for customized performance.


Flex, fit, padding, volume and sizing—we’ve considered it all so that every rider can find his or her dialed fit.

Ride Concepts Max Performance

Men's Performance

Optimized padding, stiffer flex and wider toe box

Ride Concepts Women's Performance

Women's Performance

Optimized toe and collar padding, slightly softer flex and tailored heel cup

Ride Concepts Youth Performance

Youth Performance

 Expanded smaller sizes, softer flex and optimized padding for groms that go big

Ride Concepts Technology

3. Materials

Each and every detail of our shoes is purposely chosen and designed with one goal in mind—to build the most comfortable, durable and reliable bike footwear. Every weld, stitch, upper, outsole and closure is carefully considered.

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We partner with D3O® to incorporate impact absorbing materials in our insoles and medial collar protection throughout much of our line. This soft, lightweight and flexible material is ideal for footwear. It reduces feedback from the trail and harsh impacts through our Zone Technology insoles and adds crank protection to our premium gravity and enduro models.
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Ride Concepts D30 Technology
Ride Concepts Codura Technology

For 2022, we introduce Cordura material into the uppers of our Tallac and Flume series. This high performance durable fabric is lightweight and breathable, ideal for our trail applications.

Ride Concepts BOA Technology

Our new Tallac and Flume BOA® shoes utilize the BOA® Fit System for a micro-adjustable, precision fit with strong, flexible, and low-friction textile TX4 Laces.

Ride Concepts Material Matters Technology

When we saw the opportunity to introduce recycled materials to our award-winning Hellion Elite, we said “hell yes,” because materials matter. Where materials come from matters even more.

Ride Concepts Dual Density Technology

Consider our dual-density EVA insole a line of defense for your feet. The lightweight two-layered insole disperses impact while also providing additional support and cushion.

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4. construction
Your feet are the first line of contact to your bike and nothing is more important than solid shoe construction. We focus on security and protection when putting together the final parts of our shoes.
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Fully Gusseted Tongue
Our micromesh tongues are attached at the base and sides of the shoe upper to prevent unwanted intake of dirt and water.
Ride Concepts Gusseted Tongue Technology
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Lace Tuck
Tidy, secure and safe—our elastic lace tuck is featured most of our lace shoes to keep laces out of the way.
Ride Concepts Lacetuck Technology
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EVA Midsole
We use lightweight yet resilient EVA foam between the rubber outsole and the insole to provide additional support and stability on the pedal.
Ride Concepts Eva Midsole Technology
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Toe and Heel Protection
The custom molded and anti-abrasion toe and heel protection found throughout much of our range protects toes and heels from impact.
Ride Concepts Toeheel Protection Technology
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