Our Technology

Our Mission is to create the most comfortable, most durable and most reliable mountain bike footwear on the planet. For the rider, this means precision fit, unparalleled pedal contact, and unmatched protection leaving you to focus on the ride.

Fit and Form

What is a Custom Last?

A last is a 3-dimensional mold upon which a shoe is constructed. The shape of the last determines the shape of the shoe including factors such as the toe shape, heel width and height, and forefoot width.

Gender Specific

We recognize that the anatomical foot shapes of men, women and youth are vastly different, so our footwear is built around gender-specific lasts.

Tailored Flex

In our midsoles, we have engineered the asker stiffness ratings to allow for tailored flex in men’s, women’s and youth models.

Outsole & Rubber

Rubber Kinetics

New Solutions for Pedal Contact

From our culture in pushing limits every day on the bike and in product design, we question what we have been told about how a shoe should interact with a pedal. Unwilling to adhere to what others tell us are acceptable standards in durability and friction, we leaned on our experiences as creators and alliances with industry-leading partners to research possibilities beyond current solutions for contact between rider and pedal. The result is a collection of proprietary outsoles and rubber compounds that form the foundation of every shoe we make.

Hexagonal Outsole Design

Ride Concepts’ exclusive hexagon pattern outsoles feature deep lugs, allowing for penetration of pedal pins to obtain optimal grip in any condition, while being efficient at hiking on varied terrain.

DST 4.0

For hard chargers who settle for nothing less than complete trust in grip, our DST 4.0 MAX Grip rubber has a durometer in the 40 range on the Shore A scale – meaning downright tacky and responsive. Our softest compound is dialed specifically for grip and comfort- the ideal instrument for your hardest days on the bike. DST 4.0 provides ultimate grip and pedal feel while maintaining unrivaled durability that exceeds the lifespan of other soft and sticky rubbers on the market.

DST 6.0

Our DST 6.0 High Grip rubber was developed to realize the optimal blend between the often-opposed forces of traction and durability. DST 6.0 combined with deep 12mm hexagon lugs, results in optimal friction on and off the bike, ride-damping shock-absorbing qualities, and an unrivaled lifespan.

DST 8.0

Clip riders require different features for efficient pedal engagement and commitment to the ride. Our DST 8.0 Mid Grip rubber offers plenty of grip when needed, but won't create a barrier when clipping in and out of the pedal. With recessed toe and heel sections for increased off-bike grip, our DST 8.0 outsole is a long-lasting solution for today's all mountain clip riders.

Comfort & Protection

Ride Concepts & D3O

Coupling the structure and durability of the Ride Concepts footwear collection with impact technology pioneered by D3O, we have developed the first full line of MTB-specific footwear with impact protection tailored throughout the range. Whether it is increased resilience and comfort achieved through D3O materials in our insoles, or added protection in the medial ankle collar, each of our models benefit from this collaborative teamwork. Every Ride Concepts insole utilizes D3O Zone Technology to provide impact resistance and comfort. D3O material absorbs energy from impacts through atoms realigning on the outer surface when an impact is received.

Hexagonal Outsole Design

Ride Concepts’ exclusive hexagon pattern outsoles feature deep lugs, allowing for penetration of pedal pins to obtain optimal grip in any condition, while being efficient at hiking on varied terrain.

Molded Toe and Heel Protection

When you’re focused on your line, smashing your toes or stomping a foot to the ground is the last thing you want to think about.

We utilize custom molded and anti-abrasion toe and heel protection throughout much of our range so bruised toes and heels are no longer an issue. Your ego on the other hand...

Fast-drying Materials

Precise fit is essential, but the benefits are limited without the right materials to keep you protected from the elements. We use lightweight synthetic materials with perforated ventilation to keep water and debris out but air flowing in. Our materials are resistant to absorbing water and quick drying after riding in wet conditions. We utilize fully gusseted micromesh tongues to further prevent unwanted intake.

Eva Foam

Between the rubber outsole and D3O insole lies a layer of EVA foam. We use this lightweight but resilient material to provide additional support and stability on the pedal.