Our goal is to design and make the most comfortable, most durable, and most reliable mountain biking footwear on the planet.

The pursuit of this goal led us to collaborate with likeminded friends who share the same rigorous standards. Integrating state-of-the-art engineering, materials and compounds guided us toward solid alliances with some of the best names in our industry. Working with top-notch partners leads to top-tier products.


When developing MTB footwear that is unsurpassed by any other collection available, the rubber compound and traction pattern is of utmost importance.

With decades of expertise within the bicycle and powersports segments, Rubber Kinetics is focused on developing technology, specializing in rubber compounding and their real-world applications.

Ride Concepts and Rubber Kinetics have worked together to create three proprietary rubber compounds that each surpass the quality and construction currently available. These compounds are not only the foundation of every shoe we make, but also form the roots of a relationship based on progression. This is Ride Concepts’ custom Dynamic Surface Technology. To keep it short, we call it DST.


D3O is a design and technology company that makes high performance impact protection products. Ride Concepts is a progressive dirt riding footwear brand focused on superior fit and function. It’s practically a match made in heaven!

Coupling the structure and durability of the Ride Concepts footwear collection with the impact technology pioneered by D3O, RC is rolling out the first full line of MTB-specific riding shoes with impact protection built throughout the brand. Whether it’s increased resilience achieved through D3O materials added to our foot beds, or enhanced comfort and protection in the medial ankle collar, every model of Ride Concepts shoe benefits from this collaborative teamwork.

Size and fit

Check back soon for an in-depth look at Ride Concepts approach to sizing fit, and general specification models.