Luke Mallen


Birthday: 01/30/2008

Discipline: Downhill


How long have you been riding?

Since I was 3, so for 9 years


Who are your favorite riders?

Loic Bruni, Mitch Ropelato and Paul Bassagoita


What do you love about Ride Concepts shoes?

They are so compact, stable and offer tons of support so when you hit your foot on a rock really hard, you don’t feel a thing.


What shoe do you ride in and why do you like it?

I like the Transition shoes because I like to be in clipless shoes for dual slalom and downhill. I like the Vice for every day wearing and DJ sessions.


What are your goals as a rider?

To work hard and try to become a professional rider. Right now, I am trying all different types of riding, but in the future I hope to race a lot of dual slalom spend time in the desert riding with friends and traveling around the world to race downhill.


What is your secret talent?

I am a cat whisperer 🐱🐱. And also love to fish


What’s your perfect day?

Traveling around to many different races and doing it with a bunch family and friends. I also like it when I have a good day and do well. Maybe go fishing and hang with my mom.