Fred LaRiviere


Birthday: 8/15/2007

Hometown: Lehi, Utah

Discipline: Downhill, Dirt Jump, Freeride


How long have you been riding?

10 years


Who are your favorite riders?

Amaury Perrion and Brett Rheeder


What do you love about Ride Concepts shoes?

They are the most comfortable, snug shoes I’ve ever worn. They look really good to and of course they are grippy.


What shoe do you ride in and why do you like it?

I ride mostly in the Vice because it’s just perfect for everything and they just feel like normal shoes but they’re amazing for biking.


What are your goals as a rider?

To make a career off it and basically be the best possible rider I can be.


What is your secret talent?

People seem to love my scrambled eggs


What’s your perfect day?

Good breakfast, Whistler laps, good lunch, dirt jumps and skate park till dark. movie?