The all-mountain flat gets Ride Concepts Factory Athlete Rae Morrison’s stamp of approval for all types of riding

If you follow Enduro World Series racing then New Zealand athlete Rae Morrison needs little introduction. The women’s elite racer is considered a veteran to the series, starting her global career in 2017. As young women continue to push the pace, Rae steps up season after season, proving herself among the top 10 fastest women of enduro.

Behind the race scenes, Rae is a highly versatile rider. Rae has been known to win DH races, pump around bike parks, practice skills and otherwise “change things up” to keep her riding fresh and fun. She does it all in the Hellion, our pacesetting mountain bike flat shoe for all trail conditions that is available for men and women.

We catch up with Rae between EWS rounds to find out why being a versatile rider and wearing an all-mountain flat helps to keep her racing on point:

RC: The world knows you as an Elite EWS racer, but we know you enjoy other types of riding. What are some of your favorite things to ride during the off-season or when preparing for the race season?
RM: Enduro is definitely my favourite with its multiple downhill stages and big days on the bike. In the off-season I dabble in DH and even the odd xc race. I also love exploring and riding new trails and areas with a good group of mates.

RC: If you weren't racing enduro, is there another race discipline that you imagine yourself pursuing?
RM: Definitely downhill!

RC: How does multi-discipline riding benefit your racing?
RM: Enduro and mountain biking is so varied and requires a huge amount of different skills. The more well-rounded you are on the bike, the better. Changing things up also helps to keep the riding fresh and fun.

RC: Clipless shoes are quite essential for racing, but when you're not racing, what do you enjoy about wearing flat mtb shoes?
RM: I find that mountain bike flat shoes are more fun to ride. They’re easier to muck around on and practice skills. I also think they promote really good habits and skills.

RC: Many riders enjoy flats in muddy conditions. Does Hellion perform for you in wet conditions?
RM: I love the Hellion for wet riding. The flat and grippy shoe makes me feel more confident because it’s easier to get the foot on and off the pedals. Also, I don’t have to worry about my cleats getting clogged. The Max Grip outsole is so nice. My shoes stick to the pedals really well!

RC: Training hard and racing harder often results in the occasional trail-side impact. How important is a protective shoe in mitigating these mishaps?
RM: Feet are very vulnerable as they’re close to the ground and banks when riding, especially on more rugged terrain. I smash my feet into roots, rocks, ruts so often having the extra protection is vital. Hellion’s toe and heel protection is key to keeping feet safer.

RC: Hellion is a versatile performer, but what about the shoe’s style?
RM: I love that the Hellion is casual and sleek without compromising performance. They are definitely a very cool looking shoe.

About Rae Morrison:

Rae Morrison has been riding mountain bikes since she was 15 years old. After completing a physiotherapy degree and working for a couple of years, Morrison decided to try her luck at competing overseas. After selling everything she owned and saving everywhere she could, Morrison managed a full Enduro World Series season while living in a van. Solid results as a privateer earned Morrison a spot on a professional team and the following year, Morrison achieved her dream lifestyle of racing professionally.

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