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Alaina Henderson

While I grew up racing BMX, these days, I really enjoy riding and racing on all types of terrain. As a rider that’s a big fan of the Hellion flat, it was only natural for me to try the new Hellion Clip for days when I want to ride clipless. Hellion Clip gives me a ton of confidence when racing and training.

Ride Concepts Alaina Henderson

As I start to get more comfortable riding in different terrain, I find myself swapping between flat and clipless mountain bike shoes. Hellion Elite is my go-to for flats when riding new and technical trails. Once I saw the new Hellion Clip, I knew this was going to be my shoe for when I decide to clip in on days when I’m racing and training. Hellion Clip has the clean look of the Hellion flat that I’ve grown to love, and bonus, fits the same so it feels really natural to switch from the flat to the clip, depending on what I’m riding.

Right away, I noticed the support of Hellion Clip’s outsole: not too stiff that I can’t hike to scope lines but stiff enough to transfer power. The new cleat box is a dream. I’m able to adjust my cleat as far back as I want while the cleat runway makes it so easy to clip into my pedals. This clipless mountain bike shoe has a really nice balance of durability, stiffness and pedal feel.

Ride Concepts Alaina Henderson

I love how Hellion Clip looks like a flat shoe with a straight forward style and a supple yet supportive upper. The hook and loop closure secures my foot while the laces provide simple adjustability. The fit is 100% dialed for my medium to narrow foot and the sizing is spot-on.

Hellion Clip is exactly what I want in a clipless shoe. It’s lightweight, protective, tough, low-profile and improves my speed. I recommend this shoe to any rider that rides clips and wants agreat all-around shoe!

Alaina Henderson is a Ride Concepts athlete, racer and advocate for healthy living and movement. She enjoys challenges and high consequences, but nothing is more important than having fun.

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