Cushioning Your Ride with D3O® Impact Absorption Technology

Mountain Bike High Impact Protection

As your feet are a major point of contact with your mountain bike, they require mountain bike shoes with proper protection and comfort-enhancing features. Ride Concepts is proud to have developed the first complete offering of mountain bike-specific footwear across men, women and youth with impact protection tailored throughout the entire range.

To achieve that necessary protection and comfort, we have coupled the structure and durability of our footwear collection with impact technology pioneered by our partners at D3O®. D3O®'s unique patented and proprietary technologies provide enhanced protection via versatile and flexible materials for a host of shock absorption and impact protection applications. D3O® is used throughout motorsports, snow sports, cycling, defense and even electronics.

Ride Concepts x D3O®

Whether it is increased resilience and comfort achieved through D3O® materials in our insoles, or added protection in the medial (crank-side) ankle collar of our premium shoes, the entire Ride Concepts mountain bike footwear line benefits from this collaborative teamwork.

How it works

D3O® material absorbs energy from impacts through atoms realigning on the outer surface when an impact is received. The harder the impact, the faster the atoms realign, stiffening the material.

A one of a kind insole

Because of its impact resistance properties and light weight, D3O® is used by a number of brands in mountain biking within knee and elbow pads and other body protection pieces. However, Ride Concepts is the first to use it in a mountain biking specific insole application.

Every Ride Concepts insole utilizes D3O® Zone Technology to provide impact resistance and comfort. Each insole integrates D3O®'s Lightweight Aero material in two sections- under the heel and under the ball of the foot.

Aero's high impact resistance and low-density properties are perfect for:

  1. Repeated hits such as chattery terrain
  2. Providing a more cushioned and fatigue-reduced ride
  3. Larger impacts where the energy is absorbed more quickly
Ride Concepts Insole

Ankle protection

Our most premium shoes also implement D3O® material in the higher, medial collar area to protect against crank and frame strikes or even against nature in those bound to happen off-the-bike incidents. 

Focus on the Ride

Ride Concepts' partnership with D3O® adds significant value to riders by allowing you to focus on the ride ahead rather than be distracted by foot fatigue, a bruised ankle or even worse: a bruised ego.