Steve Vanderhoek Mountain Biking in North Shore, British Columbia

You may think athletic shoes are all the same and it doesn’t matter what you wear when you mountain bike, right? Well, not quite. Mountain bike flat pedal shoes are specifically designed to help you be a more confident mountain biker. While everyday shoes and sneakers generally provide comfort and style, mountain bike shoes help you perform better when riding on the trail. Every Ride Concepts flat pedal shoe is specifically designed to improve connection to your pedals, provide a bike-specific fit for performance and comfort, and protect your feet with durable materials. 

 Here are three reasons why you should ditch your regular sneakers for a mountain bike specific shoe, right now: 

#1 traction:

Feet-to-pedal connection is the most important point of contact with your bike. Pedal traction combines a few different factors: grippy rubber, stiffness of flex and proper riding technique. While it takes dedication to perfect technique, why not let your shoes help you with the rest?

 Grippy rubber refers to our rubber outsole that’s designed just for mountain biking, meaning, it was built to grip to mountain bike pedals. A perfect point of contact is created when the rubber meets the steel pins of your pedals – one that keeps you secure even through the roughest terrain. Ride Concepts mountain bike shoes feature various types of outsoles. Find the best outsole for your type of riding here.

Ride Concepts clip grip with Durometer rubber, high grip: perfect balance of grip and maneuverability, max grip soft durometer rubber allows pedal pins to penetrate outsole

Shoe stiffness is designed, in part, from the midsole of a mountain bike shoe. Ride Concepts mountain bike shoes are made with custom EVA foam, each with a specific stiffness between our men’s, women’s and youth lines. Having the right flex for your riding style gives your feet the proper amount of support to not only help the rubber do its job, but more importantly, to decrease fatigue and let your body be more relaxed.

Ride Concepts Flex

The last factor, riding technique, is up to you, but Ride Concepts shoes will give you an advantage over the other shoes in your closet.

North Shore British Columbia Steve Vanderhoek Nicole Kennedy Mountain Biking Mountain Bike Shoe

Steve Vanderhoek and Nicole Kennedy Mountain Biking in North Shore, British Columbia

#2 Fit:

Proper mountain bike shoe fit is key to a confident ride. Ride Concepts shoes are designed with an athletic fit, allowing you to react to micro movements of your feet so that you can control your bike. The fit will feel more snug than casual shoes which are usually designed with extra room and many with soft materials that stretch to fit many foot shapes. There is nothing wrong with that, but your MTB shoes will fit better. We suggest that our shoes fit a bit snug out of the box, allowing for the shoe to pack out perfectly to your own feet. Don’t hesitate to try on a half size smaller or larger than your usual size. Check out our size chart for the proper fit, taking into consideration that we offer shoes specifically for high volume feet and low volume feet in each of our men’s, women’s and youth lines.

Ride Concepts Fit

#3 Materials:

The material choices of mountain bike shoes are very intentional. Durable uppers, toe and heel protection, and reliable materials all contribute to the perfect mountain bike shoe. Our high quality materials protect your feet from trail hazards. Go ahead, take that riskier line.

Ride Concepts Materials

The upper is the entire part of the shoe above the sole. At Ride Concepts, we use various materials for our uppers, but all have one goal in mind: to protect your feet from the elements, allow various degrees of breathability and remain durable ride after ride. For added protection, all of our shoes provide toe and heel reinforcement using sturdy TPU or custom molded rubber. Think of it as armor for your feet. Many of our own materials are enhanced with the contribution of partner brands. Our partners include precise and dialed in BOA® lacing, durable and breathable Cordura®, and custom D3O insoles for added impact resistance.

North Shore British Columbia  Biking Mountain Bike Shoe

Steve Vanderhoek and Nicole Kennedy checking the view in North Shore, British Columbia

A mountain bike specific shoe is essential for the best riding experience. Proper traction will keep you connected to your bike, an athletic fit will give you that extra confidence, and durable materials mean the shoes will last through rough use and protect your feet in the most technical terrain. The result is your best ride, every ride. Head over to our Technology Page to learn more about how traction, fit, and materials play a part in every pair of Ride Concepts shoes.