For the Love of the Women's Bike Community: as Told by 3 Lady Shredders

From the beginning, Ride Concepts set out committed to the uncompromising ride. No sacrifices, no shortcuts. When we started to do our research, we noticed a huge gap in the market. There was no mountain bike specific footwear company offering a complete range of technically driven and tailored product women and youth. We refused to shrink down a men's mold and throw pink on it to accommodate the female rider. The female riders we know charge hard, take chances and are progressing each and every day. We wanted to provide a shoe that could meet the demands of the modern female rider and be there all along her journey of progression, triumphs and general badass-ery. 

With our women's specific product dialed, we set out to build a community and a home for female riders. That's why we've partnered with the best. Riders who are progressing the sport and inspiring the next generation. 

To celebrate these ripping females, we asked a few of our new female #RideEveryDay Team riders what they love most about the women's bike community and the shoes they're rocking to make their days on dirt better.

Kaia Jensen | A rider her whole life & "actually started trying 3-4 years ago"

"I love that, and a big way, it's new. In my experience, the general mountain bike community is used to female stereotypes where female riders are either girlfriends, don't take nearly the risks as the male riders, don't keep up with the male riders, or are "soft." There have been insanely badass women in cycling forever, but the sight of a female who shreds at the same level of men is still shocking to a lot of people in and out of the industry.

Being part of the crew of women who is changing that and get to challenge those stereotypes every time we get on a bike is an incredible experience and opportunity 🤟🏻 So yeah, I'd say having the opportunity to push the sport forward and be a resource for fellow lady shredders is my favorite part!

Being a women gives me the opportunity to be active in my community as a role model, coach, and ride organizer that I wouldn't have otherwise!"

You can find Kaia riding in her VICE shoes "Who wouldn't want a highly predictable and responsive cloud to ride in? Best fitting shoe ever" - Kaia Jensen

Brooke Trien | Riding for 6 years

"I love the hype and support for everyone to progress. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, everyone can ride together and be stoked when someone conquers their fears or pushes herself outside of her comfort zone."

You can find Brooke riding in the women's Hellion Elite: "I love that I can wear my RC shoes across all of my biking disciplines with a very similar feel of grip and stability. Love the comfort and durability of each shoe and how they are slightly tailored for each application." - Brooke Trien

Clair Sick | Riding for 6 years

"Forming friendships! Meeting ladies with fearlessness, confidence and just the right amount of attitude."

Ride Concepts Women's Bike Community

You can find Clair riding in the women's Wildcat: "Having a selection of women's shoes in sizing that are small enough is awesome! On top of that having the mid cut height in the Wildcat gives me just a little bit more protection when I need it." - Clair Sick