Gully competing in the Impossible Climb challenge during Season 2 of Pinkbike Academy

Another season of Pinkbike Academy is done and dusted. We watched 10 of the world’s best amateur athletes battle it out for a highly-coveted pro contract and $30,000 cash prize. As Pinkbike sends a new winner off to mtb stardom, now is a great time to reflect on what it takes to be a professional mountain biker. No one knows better than freeride professional and Pinkbike Academy judge Geoff “Gully” Gullevich. We catch up with Gully and ask him, what has Pinkbike Academy taught us about being a professional mountain biker?

Geoff Gullevich Judging Pinkbike Academy Mountain Biking

Gully judging during Season 2 of Pinkbike Academy

The Top Five Traits of a Successful Mountain Bike Professional Are…

Gully believes that the stuff of a professional mountain biker comes from within. Whether it’s unwavering focus up the impossible climb, accepting an elimination from the Pinkbike Academy judges or committing to a tough training schedule, here are 5 traits that Gully believes make a successful mountain biker:

#1 Drive

Drive beats talent every time. Aspiring mountain bike athletes need to know where they want to be and make it happen. Gully suggests that you envision yourself atop the podium of your local enduro or floating off that infamous drop with confidence. Do the work to get yourself there!

#2 Attitude

Modesty is the best attribute to have. Amateur riders should watch, learn and refine. We have two ears and one mouth, meaning, we should listen twice as much as we speak. For example, ride with your local legend and humbly listen and learn. Or spend some time at your local bike shop, absorbing what you can from those with more experience. 

#3 Dedication

An athlete with dedication and perseverance will succeed at anything. A committed work ethic delivers results. In other words, success on the bike is no accident. Whether you’re working on a new skill or increasing your max output, every small step forward requires hard work. 

#4 Professionalism

Win like a pro. Lose like a pro. A future professional mountain biker will seek the positive in every challenge, even when it’s hard to see. Did you dab on the tech section or miss the fast line? Gully proposes that you don’t let the misses get you down but focus rather on the highlights of the day.

#5 fun

To all the eager professional mtb riders out there, never forget that you’re riding bikes and you do it because it’s fun! Once that’s lost, it’s just work. 

Geoff “Gully” Gulevich is a Ride Concepts Factory athlete and three-time Pinkbike Academy judge. With 20 years of professional riding and competition experience in slopestyle and big mountain freeride events around the globe, Gully knows a thing or two about professional attributes.

Geoff Gullevich Mountain Biking Pinkbike Academy

Gully mountain biking during Season 2 of Pinkbike Academy

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