4 Tips to Being a Woman in Action Sports

Rider: Clair Sick


For some women going fast, being aggressive, trying new things and occasionally taking risks, defines fun. It’s an adrenaline pumping good time. Although sometimes it’s hard to start, and even when you get a foot in the door it’s the question of what’s next? Growing up playing field sports and running I wasn’t introduced to action sports till an older age. Once I was exposed, I was all in! From snowboarding, to skateboarding, mountain biking and newly added dirt biking I am hooked. But, as any beginner, regardless of gender, I can attest, it’s not easy to start. As a woman especially, getting into the boys club can be intimidating and daunting. Here are 4 pieces of advice I’ve learned from others. I keep these in mind for whatever activity I want to get involved in and progress at. 

 Female Mountain Biker

Rider: Clair Sick; Photographer: @brookscurran


Ask for help

Asking for help doesn’t always feel good. Being the only lady sometimes in a group of guys it can be really intimidating. I’ve thrown tantrums on trails, at tracks, in the parking lot and it usually comes down to needing someone's help to overcome a hurdle. What I’ve learned? (And it took years to learn) People in these sports want to help and like to see people learn and progress. So ask the question! How did you do that? How do I fix this? What gear do I need? Where do I go?

 Female Mountain Biking

Rider: Clair Sick; Photographer: @brookscurran


Don’t wait for an invitation 

The party is happening and you want to join! If you want to do something, sometimes you have to push to make it happen. Showing up is the first step. I am in awe of some of the females around me who make sh*t happen. From a ‘can I join?,’ to ‘there should be a women’s category’. Don’t wait for what you want to come around. And when you get there, don’t worry about being the best. If you’re trying, that’s all that matters.   


Relish the little wins

Not achieving your goals, not getting the new skill, not being the fastest can feel like a crushing moment. Take a second to think about all the things that went right and learn to appreciate them. Easier said than done sometimes. After years of beating myself up, I’ve learned to smile and reflect on the positive. And you know what… it leads to more positive. Trust me on this one. 

 Female Mountain Bikers


Surround yourself with like-minded people

A good rule to follow for any aspect of your life. From sports, to careers to passions. Set your goals, point your compass and find people who are moving in a similar direction. It’ll push in a positive way while also being a really good time. 

Most of all.. Have fun. If it’s not fun, why are you doing it? :)