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Our Undying Loyalty

The dirt can have a powerful grip on the mind, like an addiction manifesting itself until all other thought is pushed away.

Developed with our dirt jump, slopestyle and bmx athletes who value pedal feel and compliance above all else, the Vice introduces our RC Fuzion outsole- an inverse, gradient diameter hexagon pattern designed to bring the pedal closer to the rider.

Knowing your vices brings you closer to your obsession. Accepting them makes you invincible.


Outsole & Rubber

The RC Fuzion outsole with exclusive gradient, inverse hexagons utilizes our Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 HIGH GRIP rubber for the optimal blend of traction and durability. (insert RC Fuzion logo, Rubber Kinetics, DST 6.0 logos)

Sloped-angle hexagons, varying in diameter from 9mm at the toe and heel to7mm at the pedal contact area, allow the pedal to "inject" into the outsole for unrivaled sensitivity whether on the dirt jumps or the street.

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Comfort & Protection

My Vice is ...

Kyle Strait

We are proud to collaborate with Kyle Strait on his signature Vice shoe. Influenced by his Strait Acres training compound in Southern California, Kyle’s shoe embodies his vices; riding every day, whether it's dirt jumps, slalom, downhill or pump track, and doing it with style.

Kyle Strait Signature


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