Nationality: Scotland

Basecamp: Innerleithen, Scotland

Born: September 27, 1993

Shoe of choice: Transition

Ride Concepts Lewis Buchanan

Lewis Buchanan started riding at 8 years old and racing soon after at 11 years old. As a junior DH racer, Buchanan went pro at 15 and won many World Cup races and had a solid career in the Elite category. In 2016, Buchanan transitioned from World Cup Downhill racing to enduro in pursuit of new motivation. Today, Buchanan enjoys racing more than ever and delivers fan-favorite content. The steezy Scot can be found at an EWS race or documenting his own experiences as a pro mountain biker.

Career Highlights

2021 Racing Red Bull Hardline racer

2021 Pro Stage EWS Tweed Valley 3rd place finish.

Ride Concepts Lewis Buchanan
Ride Concepts Lewis Buchanan



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