Ali Clarkson

Nationality: England

Basecamp: Glasgow, Scotland

Born: February 18, 1984

Shoe of choice: Powerline

Ride Concepts Clarkson

Ali Clarkson is a British-born competition trials rider turned street trials rider and mountain biker. Clarkson’s background in trials earned him great results including the British Championship and a World Cup win. These days, Clarkson competes less and spends more time taking his skills to the streets for pleasure and to making weekly YouTube videos. Clarkson has a deep love for mountain biking and likes to use his trials skills to overcome whatever the trail might bring. Clarkson can also be found performing in Danny Macaskill's Drop and Roll Demo Team across the world.

Career Highlights

2004 British Trials Champion

World Trials Champion and UCI Trials Top 15

Ride Concepts Clarkson



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