Whistler, B.C., every mountain biker's dream. Those lucky enough to have attended Crankworx Whistler this August were in for a treat with incredible athlete performances on all stages and styles of competition. With COVID solidly in the rear view mirror, throngs of spectators showed up to cheer on the athletes, ride bikes, and have a good time.

Here are some notable results from this year's competition from the Ride Concepts roster!


•Isabeau Courdurier - 4th in Women’s
•Rae Morrison - 9th in Women’s

Over the weekend, the still recovering Isabeau managed to take 4th at Whistler! Not so long ago the EWS Champion was competing in an e-bike race and crashed resulting in an impalement in her foot. Stoked to see you back on your pedals Isabeau! Rae also had a good race and managed to break into the top ten overall for the first time this season!


•Bas Van Steenbergen - 3rd in Pro Men’s
•Brooke Anderson - 1st in U17 Women’s

Bas Van Steenbergen put down a heater of a run in the Pro Men’s Dual Slalom on Tuesday and ended up placing 3rd. Brooke Anderson, traditionally a slopestyle and DH athlete, brought home gold in the U17 Women’s clase, nice work Brooke!

Additional results:

•Landon McGauley – 2nd in Adaptive Men’s
•Sierra Roth – 1st in Adaptive Women’s
•Luke Mallen – 1st in U15 Men’s
•Tayte Proulx-Royd – 1st in U15 Women’s

Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge

•Caroline Buchanan - 1st in Pro Women’s
•Matilda Melton - 2nd in U17 Women’s
•Brooke Anderson 3rd in U17 Women’s

Caroline Buchanan wowed the crowd on Wednesday when she came from behind to take 1st in the Pro Women’s Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge! Hell of a run Caroline, those years of BMX are really paying off. Matilda Melton put down a scorching run in the U17 Women’s to take 2nd with Brooke Anderson close behind taking 3rd!

Additional results:

•Luke Mallen – 2nd in U15 Men’s
•Tayte Proulx-Royd – 3rd in U15 Women’s

Earlier this year, Caroline opened up about her experience as a World Champion, Olympic BMX athlete and her transition to slopestyle and MTB competition in her film Caroline’s Code. Learn more and watch the film here.

Official Whip-Off World Championships

•Brooke Anderson - 2nd in Pro Women’s
•Carson Storch - ‘Finalist’ in Pro Men’s

Brooke Anderson went absolutely huge on Friday to take 2nd in the Pro Women’s Official Whip-Off World Championships. Brooke is charging into the scene full force and this 2nd place podium shows just how she is stacking up against much older and experienced competition. Carson Storch scored just outside of a podium ranking but gave everyone a show with some massive whips.

Red Bull Joyride

•Max Fredrikkson - 6th in Pro Men’s

Max Fredrikkson had an incredibly solid first run at this year's Whistler Joyride scoring him a 79.6 and putting him well within contending position. Max was unable to improve upon his Run 1 score unfortunately but still ended up taking 6th overall. Solid work, Max!

Checkout Max’s behind the scenes view of Crankworx Whistler and his training process leading up to the competition on his YouTube here.

2022 King & Queen of Crankworx

•Bas Van Steenbergen - 2nd in Men’s
•Caroline Buchanan - 3rd in Women’s

These are the standings as of the Crankworx Whistler event. With two more Crankworx events this year we’ll see if Bas and Caroline can hold on! Bas is defending his 2020 King of Crankworx crown after events were canceled in 2021.

Huge congratulations to all of the Ride Concepts athletes!